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Vol 9 No 3 (2023): KIU Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 9 No. 3, September 2023

This edition of KIU Journal of Social Sciences focuses on Development Administration, Social Psychology, Journalism and Media Studies.

The first part of the Journal addresses issues in Development Administration such as Poverty, Alleviation, Fiscal Policy, Institution Building, Security or Intellegence Management, Welfare Services, Rural Development and Good Governanace. It is established in one of the papers that a positive and statistically significant interactive effect of corruption and accountability on poverty reduction, confirming the role of accountability as a strong moderator necessary to cushion the negative effect of corruption in the society. The paper recommends therefore, that governments should prioritize ethics and integrity in public service delivery. This includes establishing ethical norms, offering thorough anti-corruption training, and cultivating an integrity culture among public employees. Implementing procedures to require public officials to declare their assets, enforcing conflict-of-interest legislation, and encouraging ethical leadership can all help to reduce corruption and improve public service delivery.

Papers in the second section are on Journalism and Media Studies. Using how to report Terrorism in the era of Politics and Electioneering in Nigeria as its focus, one of the papers in these sections argues that reporting terrorism is a difficult task on the part of the reporter who sometimes finds himself/herself in a dilemma as he is faced with the task of reporting facts (not fiction) amid ensuring that the media organization is not offended.   To tackle this problem, the paper, therefore, recommends reduction of poverty and inequality, promotion of justice and fairness and the rule of law, greater participation in governance, and improvement in intelligence gathering among others.

In last section on Social Psychology, one of the papers discusses peer group and family background as correlates of indiscipline among adolescent students in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. According to the paper, peer group influence and family background significantly influences indiscipline among adolescent students. The paper suggests that parents should always inculcating the right moral values in their children by conforming to societal norm themselves so that they will not influence their wards negatively.

On the whole, this issue of KIU Journal of Social Sciences features many interesting research papers. Some of these papers are empirical in nature while others have theoretical base. Each of them focuses on one specific social and management problem or the other; trying to proffer solutions to them. Readers are therefore advised to make proper use of the ideas presented by the various authors.

Published: 2023-09-30

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