Social Vices in Nigeria Educational Sector: Implication for Business Education

  • T. Y. Owie University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
  • Kasimu Eshemogie University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria


Social Vices is a serious problem that can destabilize any higher institution of learning in order to do this Business education as a programme introduced into the educational sector prepares the learner for future life. The paper determines social vices in nigeria educational sector and how it affects businesses education programme. This paper discusses types of social vices, which includes; Indecent Dressing, drug abuse and alcoholism, cultism, promiscuity and prostitution, examination malpractice, gambling, cybercrime, frauds and money laundering. The paper also discusses roles played by business education in curbing social vices in educational sector. It was recommended that Government should avoid strike in our institutions, for the sake of our children because when they are idle for a long time they tend to engage in social Vices,  Government, stakeholders in education should try and meet the demands of Lecturers, Business Education as a department should engage students on recreational activities like sports, athletics, football, track events, debating society and creative writing, there should be award at least every session this will help reduce social vices in our institutions, there should be dress code for every profession/programme to discover rape indecent dressing in our institutions, like as in Medical, Law, Accounting department, Business education should follow suit, Parents should try as much as possible to educate their wards on good living, the norms and values of life acceptable in the society because the bible made mention of a quote “ train up a child in a way he should grow when he grows up he will never depart from it among others.

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