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Vol 8 No 3 (2023): KIU Journal of Humanities, Vol. 8 No. 3, September 2023

This issue of KIU Journal of Humanities touches on Development Administration, Literary Studies, Educational Management and Social Psychology.

The first part of the Journal focues on Development Administration. One of the papers in this section reveals the contemporary issue of revenue allocation and identified challenges which embedded as outlining prospects for it. It is uncovered that in a bid strategies to resolve the controversial issues surrounding the contentious revenue allocation in Nigeria, a high level of fiscal decentralization is require replacing the unfair revenue sharing formula currently on operations. This paper, therefore, recommends that revenue formulae for revenue sharing should be guided by national interest, which should take precedence over individual or primordial attention and reactions.

One of the papers, in the second section on Literary Studies, is a reaction to the brazen exploitation of petroleum resources in the Niger Delta without compensation and environmental impact assessment by the Nigerian government and the international oil companies. Three representative poems are selected from different collections of the two poets. They are analysed using Systemic Functional Grammar as theoretical framework. The systemic functional analysis of the Nominal Group brings out the eco-critical features of the poems.

Papers in section three explore issues in Educational Management. Examining the perception of school counselors on family therapy as a panacea to the phenomenon of empty nest syndrome in Southwest Nigeria, it is postulated in one of the papers that school counselors are experts in using different approaches and therapies in handling various challenges that humans are facing in their daily livelihood. Hence, their inability to unanimously agree in their choice of family therapy as an antidote to empty nest syndrome. It is, however, recommended that the use of family therapy and other approaches and therapies may be appropriate in handling empty-nest syndrome.

Papers in the last section deals with issues in Social Psychology. While advocating that culture and parents' socioeconomic status strongly influence students' career choices, one of the papers in this section, recommends that school leaders should teach students about social factors that may influence their career choice. Also, parents are admonished to stop pushing their kids into careers they don't fit into but they should rather work with school advising or professional guides to help their children choose smart careers. Moreso, guardians should be cautious about pushing their children toward unrealistic careers.

On the whole, this issue of KIU Journal of Humanities features many empirical and theoretical based articles which can be of great benefit to every reader.

Published: 2023-09-30

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