The Contributions of Some Shuwa Arab Women to the Development of Borno

  • Amina Ramat Saidu University of Maiduguri, Nigeria


This study on the contributions of Some Shuwa Arab women of Borno examines their roles towards nation building. The study analyses how Shuwa Arab women who were mostly Marginalized in the public sphere compared to their male counterparts have contributed immensely on parallel ground with their male counterpart, because of their excellent performance in their chosen careers. Shuwa Arab women of Borno belonging to various background and profession were examined and their contributions to nation building are being brought to limelight. The activities of Shuwa Arab women who were opportuned to be first ladies in their respective states or where their husbands became governors of states were critically evaluated and specifically outlined. Sources of data were captured from both primary and secondary. Primary sources was drown from focused group discussion (FGD) and oral interview, while secondary sources were retrieved from seminar papers, books, theses/dissertations and internet materials. This study remained fixated on the contribution of Shuwa Arab women to the development of Borno and thereby given much emphasis to that effect.   

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