• NIU Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 10 No. 1, June 2024
    Vol 10 No 1 (2024)

    This issue of NIU Journal of Legal Studies touches on the Role of Arbitration in Resolving Corporate Governance Dispute in Nigeria, Lagos State Land Registration Law of 2015, Implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of Nigeria, as well as Legislative Oversight Functions in Nigeria.

    One of the papers, in this edition, observes that despite the numerous advantages and successes recorded in the use of arbitration to achieve an amicable resolution of corporate governance disputes, it is still faced with some limitations. The study therefore in its conclusion, recommended various strategies that can be employed to enhance the use of arbitration in resolving corporate governance disputes.

    Another paper reveals that there has been a lapse in the effective implementation of ACJA in Nigeria. It was therefore concluded and recommended that the Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee set up by the ACJA of Nigeria exact their duties in check-mating the police, the office of AG of Nigeria, and the courts to ensure the maximum enforcement of their functions.

    On the whole, this issue of NIU Journal of Legal Studies features many empirical and theoretical based articles which can be of great benefit to every reader.

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